A Place to Quickly Sell Your Valuable Content Sites


has a valuable site with content and big SEO value

The Juice:

has a marketplace full of buyers who understand that value (and are ready to pay for it)

Here’s What You Need to Know About Listing Your Name at JuiceMarket.com

A Marketplace Full of Serious Buyers

Our audience is made up of savvy (and handsome) SEOs who are desperate for established content sites with authority.

They don’t want to comb through thousands of domain auctions looking for a gem, and don’t want to overpay for a an affiliate site at an online brokerage.

No, they want to log into Juice Market, point at the gem we’ve got beneath the glass, and take that shit home, pronto.

It takes LITERALLY one minute to list a Site.


Here’s all you have to do:

Tell us if it’s a domain for sale, or a domain + site, the name of the domain, and any notes you have for us (but you can leave this one blank if you want)

Enter the price
Select the category and create listing.

There’s a tiny, easy step to validate that you actually own the domain, and then your part is done.

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to List Your Site

Don’t get played, player.

Transfer Your Site Securely With Our Escrow Partner

All of the transactions on our site go through the super-secure, third-party service Dan.com. They’ll guide you safely through the process of sending them your domain to hold while they collect the payment.

Once the buyer confirms they have received the domain (or after a few days if they never confirm) Dan.com will send you the money.

We'll take care of everything. Seriously.

When your content site is accepted (it probably will be, unless there’s just no juice in the cup) we’ll take care of everything:
We’ll add the metrics
We’ll write a listing that SEOs will find valuable
We’ll publish the site for sale.
When someone buys your site, we’ll set up your transaction and send you both to Dan.com.
Rinse and repeat.
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