Sometimes, the planets just align.
That’s called planetary alignment.

But I want to talk to you for a minute about Juice Market.

What is Juice Market?

A place to easily buy and sell domains with SEO authority—that is, a domain name that had a past-life as an actual website that someone lovingly built, crafting content, getting press, raising like a child.

Sometimes these businesses are acquired, the domain name redirected, forgotten about, and let expire—which is NOT like raising a child. These dropped domains have a lot of value to someone looking to build a new business that already has a fair amount of authority-as-backlinks and age.

The problem: there has never been a place to so easily buy and sell these types of domains.

Until now.

Who is Behind This Genius Marketplace and Why Should I Care?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Juice was created by industry professionals in the domain and SEO space. Excuse us for getting cliché here for a second, but here it comes:

We created Juice Market to scratch our own itch: a place to buy and sell domains with juice. And we had that itch bad. Full-body breakout, rolling-around-in-the-grass-like-a-dog bad.

Sean Markey

Sean is an SEO expert with a domain name addiction. He has spent the last 12 years learning SEO the hard way and building out websites–some successful, most not.  Capricorn rising.

Travis Jamison

Doing SEO since Scrapebox was a thing. Juice Market was born to scratch his own itch, because he’s embarrassingly bad at managing his time, hence no time for waiting around at auctions. Also, he’s writing about himself in third person.

An Ly

An Ly

An is a real person who refused to submit a bio, so we’re left with this vague shit. He’s probably the best coder that’s also an ex-optometrist in the world. You’d have a hard time disproving that…

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